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" Qualifications for Potential ASI Controls Value Added Resellers "

The potential ASI Controls VAR should have a minimum of five years of business experience. The potential VAR must have mechanical and electrical engineering or contracting expertise. The potential VAR should have staff with the following qualifications: 3 or more years experience with digital control systems, including experience with digital control of HVAC and/or Refrigeration (or your other specific DDC application) Ability to read and compose logic/flow diagrams Ability to design and configure control sequences for the systems under control Experience with Microsoft Windows personal computers, including web browsing and simple file management. Knowledge of simple Ethernet networking configuration and Java script is beneficial. Capability to speak English, and to understand written technical documentation in English Compliance with local licensing and certification requirements Our past experience suggests that successful VARs should have at least 2 engineering staff participate in the introductory 1-week ASI Controls Essential Training course, and from time to time participate in ASI Controls Advanced Training courses. There is a fee for ASI Controls training courses. Essential Training is offered four times annually in various cities in North America & Doha. Training may be offered overseas once per year in locations such as Doha, Malaysia and Latin America. Advanced Training courses are also conducted four times per year in North America.

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