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" Solar power "

good for you, good for the environment
Annoyed about the steadily increasing price of electricity? Then simply generate part of your power yourself – with a personal solar power system. If you invest today, you can reduce your electricity costs for decades to come. The more self-produced power you use in your own household, the less electricity you will have to buy from power companies. With our SunPac storage systems and the Suntrol eManager, our intelligent system for energy distribution, you can use up to 80% of the power you generate in your own home. In the long term, this will make you more independent from the grid, large corporations and increasing energy prices. And not only that: you’ll also be making a valuable contribution to the ongoing transition to clean energy that we urgently need. It’s an investment in real values.

Really inexhaustible, good for the climate and fair There will always be solar energy. It is inexhaustible and available everywhere. In contrast to fossil fuels like oil, gas or coal, it is an environmentally friendly and sustainable source of energy. But above all it benefits the climate, because the sun does not produce any CO2 (carbon dioxide). 9* Globally, solar energy contributes to the fair provision of energy, because in many countries photovoltaics is the cornerstone of sustainable and fair economic development. As a company, it’s an area in which we have always felt a shared sense of responsibility. With a solar power system, you can also make a personal contribution towards climate protection and the energy transition while decreasing your carbon footprint.

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