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" Quality for our customers "

The fast-paced growth of the local market has launched numerous large-scale projects under tight timelines amid a shortage of skilled workforce and other resources. In this demanding environment, quality standards require dealing with change and quick evaluations of our ability to meet client requirements, including the needed technical and human resources. We provide customized, cost-effective solutions through, timely, and transparent project management tools.

" Quality for our partners "

We select partners for their product and service quality and are proud to be the official local distributor of well-known brands with which we have maintained mutually satisfying business relationships for almost two decades. We ensure financial stability, management commitment, and highly skilled engineers and installers to create value for our partners and to maintain the reputation of their brands in our market.

" Quality Process Management"

Electrowatt Controls has established and maintains documented procedures to ensure that the sequence of the processes is conducted in a controlled manner,ensuring the delivery of projects consistent with the Quality Control System parameters and the verification standards along the process. In brief: Identification of clients requirements and review of ability to meet defined requirements Customer communication process Design and development (planning, inputs, outputs) Design and development (review, verification, validation and changes) Purchasing process and information Verification of purchased product and/or services Control of production and service operation Identification and trace-ability

" Our Quality Mission "

Meeting or exceeding our customers defined expectations in all products and service provisions. Supporting all employees and partners endeavors to continuously improve our products, processes and services.

" Quality for our staff "

We foster an atmosphere that encourages teamwork, creativity, and personal growth. The training required for the company's high quality standards is identified and provided to all staff and our employees are regularly encouraged to contribute to the improvement of quality.

" Address "

Ali Bin Khalifa Al Hitmi Building
Office #2, Ain Khalid,Teeba Road Signal,
PO Box: 45201, Doha Qater

" Phone / fax "

Phone : +974 4458 3463

Fax : +974 4458 3463

" How can we help? "

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